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Posted 14 Jun 2019 by Wotan
Dear BOINC Community,

I'm relatively new to BOINC and started my own project. Everything works fine so far, but I tried to implement the size class mechanism. I'm running a wrapped legacy application and my goal is to submit jobs based on the host's performance. -> trying to separate high performance hosts and send bigger workloads.
I tried to implement size_census as explained in the JobSizeMatching Wiki. It even creates the size_census_app file but the file remains empty, even though i have some hosts in the projects database.

Since I'm a starter, my guess is that i use this mechanism wrong but i can't find many sources for correct usage on the internet. If anyone could provide me some information or advices on how to implement my goal of matched workunits based on host performance i would be grateful.

Thank you guys!

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