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Posted 11 Mar 2019 by Eudy Silva
Thank you for the fix.
And also thank you for the great job you guys do !
2) Message boards : Documentation : GUI RPC Protocol on Wiki (Message 90645)
Posted 11 Mar 2019 by Eudy Silva
Hello, everyone.
I've just registered.
As I did not find a way for registering in the Wiki, I thought here would be an appropriate place to post.
I was doing some exercise, using C++ to connect to the BOINC core client through a TCP socket,
following the documented GUI RPC Protocol in the Wiki.
I stumbled in what I believe is an error in the documentation, regarding the get_app_config request.

According to, the request
would be <get_app_config/> (surrounded by the usual <boinc_gui_rpc_request> and </boinc_gui_rpc_request>\003).
So I used the following in a request, trying to get app_config.xml (after I was succesfully authorized, of course):

The BOINC client didn't like it and replied with:
<error>no such project</error>

Which makes sense. Since an app_config.xml is project dependent, the project has to be specified in the request:
So, I tried:

and the client happily replied with the contents of my app_config.xml for the PrimeGrid project.

This way, the Wiki should be corrected, as a get_app_config request should be in the form:

This happened with client 7.14.2 on Windows 10 Home 64 bits.


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