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Posted 18 Jan 2019 by ccollins

I am a software developer at Institute for Disease Modeling ( Our institute performs statistical and computational models to simulate disease in hopes of eradication and control of infectious diseases like Malaria, Polio, etc. I am looking into starting a new Boinc Server and Project so our researchers have access to additional computational resources. I have some questions I would like some help with before going to far down the path.

So first, we have some data that is private. Is it possible to run a boinc project where some of the boinc jobs would have semi-private data the computer running the job would not be able to easily see? For example, we could have incidence data for disease in specific geographics locations. It is important for us to model as close as we can to existing data like this but there are privacy concerns with that obviously.

Also, can someone point me to the best getting started guide on running our own Project server?

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