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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : boinc sometimes will only request GPU work. (Message 27468)
Posted 18 Sep 2009 by PaperDragon
Every so often my BOINC installation will only request GPU work for projects, not any CPU work. Even projects that do not have GPU applications. So, of course, I do not get any work units.

The only solution I have found is to detach all projects and re-add, as they run out of CPU work.

So before the deattach I will get a message that says requesting GPU work. After the deattach/reattach I will get the message requesting CPU and GPU work.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this happens?
2) Message boards : BOINC Manager : No Heartbeat seems to be causing DLL error messages (Message 15108)
Posted 25 Jan 2008 by PaperDragon
I have been getting those DLL initialization errors on 'no heart beat' conditions.

Take a look at this malariacontrol

Looking at the stderr section, you notice the heartbeat condition. This matches up with my log messages: beta 2008-01-24 01:20:34 Task wu_84_316_89784_0_1200991208_0 exited with a DLL initialization error.

Or this one from SETI beta
Log entry for it: SETI@home Beta Test 2008-01-24 01:20:34 Task 11oc06aa.25099.530432.3.10.87_0 exited with a DLL initialization error.

So for some reason the no heartbeat errors are being reported as DLL errors
3) Message boards : BOINC client : Dialup problems: Can't resolve hostname (Message 12719)
Posted 24 Sep 2007 by PaperDragon
I have listed my ISP as the default connection

When you say listed as default connection, do you mean in IE options or in BOINC options?

To check the BOINC options, go to Advanced View then:
Select from drop menues 'Advance' > 'Options' > 'Connection Tab'
Make sure that your ISP is select as default here.
4) Message boards : Web interfaces : Person requesting Founder Transfer leaves team (Message 12712)
Posted 24 Sep 2007 by PaperDragon
There is a thread in the SETI number crunching forums about missing 'Deny Request' button on the team change founder transfer page. Question on Team Ownership Transfer.

I created a new test group, and two test members. I then put in a founder transfer request. An email was received by the founder. Checking the 'team change founder transfer page', I found the 'Deny Transfer' button.

Finally I removed the member that requested the founder transfer from the team. When I checked the 'team change founder transfer page', I found the 'Deny Transfer' button had been removed. But there was no email sent to the founder saying that the requester had left the team and the transfer was not longer valid.

The missing 'deny transfer' button seems to be causing a problem. Could an email be sent to the founder, if the person requesting a founder transfer decides to leave the team, stating that the request is no longer valid.

5) Message boards : BOINC client : Not enougth disk space, no work is sent (Message 5540)
Posted 5 Sep 2006 by PaperDragon
This is a problem I run into all the time. Some projects require a mininum overhead of free space available to BOINC. I am currently running into this sitution with malaria control. This projects wants to have 200MB free. Also had this when Predicator was running, it also required 200MB free for boinc to use.

That free space seems to be calculated from:
"setting of Use no more than xxxGB" - "minus the space currently used by BOINC"

So if you have "setting of Use no more than " set to .25GB and all BOINC system files and projects are using 51MB, Malaria control will not run.
That is the .25GB(250MB) - 51MB = 199MB available for boinc.

Since the above 199MB is below 200MB Malaria control and other projects will not run. What I have found is for some projects to run you have to take the amount of space you want to alloc to the projects and then add 200MB to it for BOINC use. So if you want to use 100MB(.1GB) for a project, you have to set "setting of Use no more than" to .3GB.
6) Message boards : BOINC Manager : ummm..... help (Message 4023)
Posted 21 Apr 2006 by PaperDragon
You have the following:

'Do work while computer is in use? NO'

I seem to remember another thread, can not remember where, saying if you have the above set to NO and the screensaver activates, then BOINC thinks the machine is in use. The conclusion was if you want to use the screen saver, then you need to set 'Do work while computer is in user?' to YES.

Setting it to NO can also cause other effects. If you try to update manually, it will not until the the idle time has been reached. Which in your case is one minute. So to use the BOINC manager effectively you need to have the 'computer use' set to YES.

Unless it is really causing you noticable problems, you generally can set the 'computer use' to YES, without slowing your machine down.
7) Message boards : BOINC client : Virtual LAN prevents BOINC from connecting to projects (Message 4022)
Posted 21 Apr 2006 by PaperDragon
You may have to change the order in 'Advance Settings'.

1. Right clickon 'My network Places'
2. Select 'Properties
3. Press the 'Advanced' button
4. Select 'Advanced settings..'

In the top box - Connections: , see if the connection you need is below the Vlan. If it is, more it above.

But changing the order here might effect everything, and you end up using the real connection, instead of the VLAN.
8) Message boards : BOINC client : dial up problems (auto connect/disconnect) (Message 565)
Posted 26 Sep 2005 by PaperDragon
This may (or may not) help. In BOINC 4.72 there is a new tab on the Options window (Under tools), named 'Connections'.

Connections is setup to 'Automitically detect network connection settings'. There is a 'Use my Dial-up and VPN network connection'. This should force it always check for dial-up.
9) Message boards : BOINC client : Hiccups or slight freezes of the system (Message 494)
Posted 22 Sep 2005 by PaperDragon
It might be the application, and not BOINC. I run SETI classic on my home machine and I do get those pesky mini freezes. I have not associated them with SETI appiclation, but I will check it out.

Since I do not run BOINC at home, then my freezes do not result from BOINC. But if we are both running SETI applications, then that application could be causing the problem.
10) Message boards : BOINC client : BOINC 5.1.3 proxy time out (Message 340)
Posted 13 Sep 2005 by PaperDragon
I have installed BOINC 5.1.3 on a machine. I keep getting a return error of 500 whenever I try to connect to a project. I do use the proxy.

On another machine I am using BOINC 4.72 without any problems.

After coming the Windows firewall log of both machines I noticed that the timeout for the BOINC 4.72 proxy is 30 seconds; while the time out for BOINC 5.1.3 proxy is 1 second or less. Looks like I need a longer time on the proxy. Any way of getting the time out changed?

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