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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : VBox/Multi-process task issues; 0 CPU usage / 1 CPU usage out of 8 / 16. (Message 106223)
Posted 28 Nov 2021 by jumblon
Win 7; Boinc 7.16.20 x64 (current).
Hardware: Ryzen 16 core (8 physical); 16GB Ram

I've been using BOINC intermittently for ~10 years, usually over winter ("free" heating), and the last ~4 years on this computer.
Today I've installed and started BOINC but I'm seeing very low CPU usage for LHC@Home and Cosmology@Home.


LHC@Home has a task:
"Running (8CPUs)" - but it's only running a single task on a single CPU (via VBox).
I aborted the task and another one started: Same problem.
Negligble RAM usage


Cosmology@Home ("camb_boinc2docker 2.05 vbox_mt"):
"Running (16 CPUs) - there's no task for this anywhere and it's not using any CPU at all, but Adv Boinc Manager is quite clearly thinking it's running. Progress is at 0.100% and not going anywhere.

Aborted and started another one: Does nothing; Jumps to 0.100% but no CPU usage.


I installed the regular BOINC, not the VBox one; I already have a VBox installed (5.2.8).

I know there's negligible CPU for lots of reasons:
* Fans aren't spooling up.
* I have a hardware monitor that tells me the power draw etc for the CPU
* Process explorer

Regular Multi-process tasks (Number@Home, Cosmology@Home legacy) stuff is working 100% fine.

What's going on here? How do I filter out the vbox stuff given it's not working? Are there any other CPU-bound projects?
2) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Usage limits for "in use" versus not (Message 89137)
Posted 7 Dec 2018 by jumblon
BOINC already knows when a computer is in use; you can set the "untouched for x minutes" parameter.
Using this, it would be nice if there were two sets of usage limits for CPU:
One set for when the computer is in use - a low percentage say, and another for when it's not in use - a higher percentage. Currently it's either on (using the given limits) or entirely off.

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