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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Cookbook example for writing boinc application from scratch (Message 89068)
Posted 28 Nov 2018 by Mirco Bockholt
Dear community,

I just installed my boinc on a virtual machine (Debian 8) some while ago. Now, I wanted to write my own boinc application for this server. For this task, I followed the instructions in the technical documentation. I wrote a program, which includes boinc_init() and boinc_finish(0) and a system call to a python script, which burns some CPU time. If I add the compiled program to my project and start the server, the client only says, that there are no tasks available. So I thought, that I may have wrote a wrong program and included another one from the boinc sources to my project (the sleeper one, which just burns some CPU time). Unfortunately, the client still says that there are no tasks available. If I create a new project with the -test_app parameter, everything works fine. Only my own projects seem to not work.

Therefore my question is, if there is something like a step by step tutorial for creating own boinc applications? The one in the technical documentation seems not to work for me (or I may misunderstood it).

Thank you for your time and attention.

2) Message boards : Server programs : Boinc Manager cannot connect to own boinc vm (Message 87601)
Posted 13 Aug 2018 by Mirco Bockholt
Turns out that I forgot to change the server address in the scheduler.txt file, my mistake. Thank you very much for the hint :)
3) Message boards : Server programs : Boinc Manager cannot connect to own boinc vm (Message 87567)
Posted 10 Aug 2018 by Mirco Bockholt
Dear Community,
I am planning to setup a own boinc server for a small company. Because I am a newbie with boinc, I tried to setup a boinc-vm with a cplan test project first.

I followed these steps on the official boinc documentation:

I also installed the boinc-client and the boinc-manager on my host system (Ubunut 16.04) via apt.

When I start the boinc-manager and try to add the boinc-vm with my test project, it connects to the server and asks me for my account credentials. After entering my credentials, the process fails without any helpful error messages. It just says "Adding project failed. Please try it again later."

On the other hand, I can successfully log in via the web-ui of the project.

I also tried the given, already configured boinc-vm, but the problem still remains.

When I use the boinccmd on my host system, I will get the following message:
$ boinccmd --lookup_account my_email_adress my_password
status: Success
poll status: operation in progress
poll status: permanent HTTP error

If you need the output of a log file or any other information, please do not hesitate to ask me. I will be grateful for any suggestion.


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