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Posted 1 Jun 2011 by jon4t2
Is this a clean installation, or an upgrade installation?
-->If upgrade, did it work on the previous BOINC version?
-->if clean, did you install videocard drivers from the manufacturer, instead of letting Windows handle it?

Does the screen saver work under that account?
Is that account allowed to manage BOINC?
Is that account allowed to run BOINC?

Sorry to be so late replying, other matters commanded my attention.

It was an upgrade to 6.12.26 from 6.10.58. (Was, I uninstalled 6.12.26 and went back to 6.10.58.) No other software changes. No hardware changes.

Everything worked with 6.10.58 and everything could be managed & run from the Power User account.

Everything seemed to work with 6.12.26 except the screen saver. (i.e. the "BOINC Screensaver Diagnostic Error.") Calculations were performed, results reported, etc. The Power User account had write privileges for the relevant directories under 6.10.58. After upgrading to 6.12.26, I gave the Power User write privileges for the same directories as I did under 6.10.58, using a script to change the write privileges. The script had worked for previous upgrades. Now, if 6.12.26 changed the directory structure or directory names, then my script could have missed a directory and that might explain the problem I experienced.

Since 6.10.58 works on my box, resolving this issue now has a very low priority on my list of things to do. I will check back when time permits.
2) Message boards : News : BOINC 6.12.26 released to public (Message 37906)
Posted 20 May 2011 by jon4t2
I'm experiencing trouble with BOINC 6.12.26 (x86) on WinXP SP3. The BOINC screensaver fails to run for a Power User account. I repeatedly receive "BOINC Screensaver Diagnostic Error." Everything else seems to work OK.

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