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21) Message boards : The Lounge : Grumbles, Glory and Covid-19 (Message 88379)
Posted 9 Oct 2018 by jglrogujgv
So perhaps that a DP to HDMI doesn't shut off the cable once the monitor is off.

Perhaps. And it's easy to test.

<== Disconnects the VGA cable and the DP to HDMI adapter from the back of the computer leaving only the DP to HDMI cable for the Toshiba connected.

Everything (icons and open windows) shifted to the Toshiba which kind of defeats my earlier argument about Linux superiority
. Of course that's exactly what one would want in the event a monitor suddenly dies... you wouldn't want icons stuck on a dead display, you would want them to shift over to a working display.

<== Reconnects the monitors disconnected above.

Ah yes, good ol' Linux moved everything back to where it was before disconnecting cables/adapters. Oh, did I mention Linux is free?
22) Message boards : The Lounge : Grumbles, Glory and Covid-19 (Message 88371)
Posted 9 Oct 2018 by jglrogujgv
No KVM switch or cable hacks.
The adapters mentioned below are simple (say cheap) adapters, I doubt they have anything that makes the monitor appear to be active even when it's not but maybe they do.
The Toshiba is actually a UHD TV if it makes any difference.

22" LG Flatron W1942TQ, VGA out to VGA in
23" HP w2007, DP out adapted to HDMI in
49" Toshiba 49L621U, DP out adapted to HDMI in

This is a mini form factor machine so no add on display adapter thus just stock display drivers.
23) Message boards : The Lounge : BOINC Politics thread (Message 88363)
Posted 9 Oct 2018 by jglrogujgv
It's not about curing perversion. It's about preventing a normal man from becoming a pervert. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
24) Message boards : The Lounge : Grumbles, Glory and Covid-19 (Message 88362)
Posted 9 Oct 2018 by jglrogujgv
Linux apparently has the same trouble, or so my in-house guru tells me. She's been struggling with this thing for the past months and all her OSes are versions of Linux (6 of them).

Ubuntu 18.04 with whatever desktop it installs stock does not have the problem. I have 3 monitors on mine and the icons stay put regardless of the on/off state of any of the monitors on powerup or reboot. I think it has less to do with the version of Linux and more to do with Xorg and the desktop in use and how those two are configured. Don't ask how I configured them because I didn't do anything, just took it out of the box, put it on my HD and it worked. Oh, did I mention it was free?

You might suggest to Micro$oft devs to subscribe to the Ubuntu, Xorg and Gnome dev lists for tips on how it's done. I sent them copies of the (open) sources but apparently they can't figure it out.
25) Message boards : The Lounge : BOINC Politics thread (Message 88274)
Posted 30 Sep 2018 by jglrogujgv
The Catholic Church is an enigma. On the one hand it is sufficiently modern and sufficiently aware of the fact of evolution to allow it's members to believe in mitigated evolution (the view that Genesis is metaphorical rather than historical, life evolved from a universe created by a supreme being) yet just the other day Pope Francis claimed priests are diddling little boys because they are tempted by Satan. He claims the solution to the problem is more prayer to overcome Satan. In other words do nothing but mutter words and hope for the best. Deplorable.

How long will the Catholic Church cling to such ridiculous beliefs? They wised up on evolution so why not this latest issue? Priests are buggering little boys because they are sexually frustrated not because of Satan. They need to get their rocks off not be told "I am praying for you". There are only 2 realistic solutions to the problem:

1) lop off their testosterone producing gonads when they enter the priesthood
2) allow them to marry, in fact require them to be married
26) Message boards : Questions and problems : Limit Resource Share for a single project on a single computer? (Message 88259)
Posted 28 Sep 2018 by jglrogujgv
It is doable via the preferences page and it's easy. Not doable via app_config.xml, that's for other stuff.
When you go to the preferences page scroll down and see the links for creating additional venues (school, work and home).
27) Message boards : Questions and problems : Client will not start after another application crashed (Message 88258)
Posted 28 Sep 2018 by jglrogujgv
Really? I can already hear Sean Hannity ranting about how Ford crashed computers, but only repuglican computers, not dem computers. Deeeeeeep staaaaaaaaate or what

If you installed BOINC from Ubuntu repos then it's installed as a daemon (service) unless you did something non-standard. Check for details on the systemctl command and its options for checking the condition of any daemon including the boinc-client daemon.

I would start with "sudo systemctl status boinc-client" to see if the daemon is running. If not then the crash might have somehow disabled it in which case "sudo systemctl enable boinc-client" might be able to enable it (assuming no corrupted init files). If that doesn't enable it then try disabling it then re-enabling it (might rebuild corrupted init files if any).

Note that the enable option does not start a daemon it simply enables it to be started on system boot. Nor does the disable option stop a started daemon.

If you don't get errors from the status, enable and disable options then try starting the daemon manually with "sudo systemctl start boinc-client". If it starts then BOINC manager should be able to connect to it. If the daemon starts but the manager cannot connect to it then that's a different problem altogether.

BTW, "sudo systemctl status boinc-client" starts an ongoing monitoring process. Press q to exit that process and return to the command prompt.
28) Message boards : Questions and problems : Limit Resource Share for a single project on a single computer? (Message 88255)
Posted 28 Sep 2018 by jglrogujgv
Associate that computer with a different venue (default, home, school or work) than your other computers and set the resource share to whatever you wish. With 4 different venues you can have 4 different resource shares.
29) Message boards : News : Web site changes (Message 87972)
Posted 7 Sep 2018 by jglrogujgv
SU is going to flop flat on its face. And it should.

Despite the hype on the intro page BOINC has never attained the level of simplicity it claims it has. It works well if you know what you're doing but it's not a "set it and forget it" deal, not even close.

Crunching multiple projects requires carefully choreographing several factors that change on the whims of project admins and BOINC devs. To think new users are going to be impressed when they see their CPU cycles and electricity wasted on tasks that mostly fail, due to some ignorant of the facts central authority signing them up willy-nilly for any new and under-tested project that matches user's project type prefs... well... that's the dumbest thing I've heard so far this year.

But hey, atta boy Dave, fibs for funding works doesn't it, proud of ya, keep that paycheck rollin

<edit>BOINC is on a few malware lists already. This clueless move guarantees it will be on all of them before long.</edit>
30) Message boards : The Lounge : BOINC Politics thread (Message 87783)
Posted 24 Aug 2018 by jglrogujgv
But jurors were unable to reach a verdict on 10 charges

Now one of the jurors reveals Manafort would have been found guilty on all counts except for 1 juror. Prosecutors will most certainly request and receive a re-trial on the 10 charges. Will they wait until after Manny's crime boss pardons him on the grounds that he's a good fella loyal to the crime family? Or wiill they wait until after he's found quilty on the charges that have not yet gone to trial?

Another poignant reveal from that juror... several of the jurors are loyal Trumplings but they had no trouble putting partisan politics aside in order to uphold the law and find Manafort guilty.
31) Message boards : Questions and problems : Is the "Daily schedules -> Network" feature in Computing preferences broken? (Message 87731)
Posted 21 Aug 2018 by jglrogujgv
Doh! It works fine with "Network activity based on preferences" selected. Thanks.
32) Message boards : Questions and problems : Is the "Daily schedules -> Network" feature in Computing preferences broken? (Message 87729)
Posted 20 Aug 2018 by jglrogujgv
I want to restrict task downloads and result uploads to the hours between 17:00 and 23:59. I set those limits in Options -> Computing prefs -> Daily schedules -> Network where I ticked the "Transfer files only between" box and put 17:00 and 23:59 in the text boxes and clicked SAVE. I restarted the client and even tried a reboot but the client ignores the settings and transfers files outside of the specified timeframe.

In global_prefs_override.xml I see
which tells me the limits are being saved properly.

I did not click the "Use web prefs" button on the Daily schedules window so it should be using my local prefs. Is this feature broken or am I using it incorrectly?
33) Message boards : Questions and problems : How to finish a work unit without pausing? (Message 87696)
Posted 18 Aug 2018 by jglrogujgv
my real preference is to get rid of the BOINC scheduler (almost) entirely, and just run the jobs first in/first out on a per-core basis.

The scheduler needs gutting. It's far too complicated. And what for.. so that users can see resource shares respected down to the hour? What does it matter if Project A gets way ahead of Project B for a day? Or even 2 days? Or even a week? If shares are respected over the longterm then all is well.

For example, you could devote one core to Rosetta, and another core to LHC, etc. And you could set backups, so that if one project is out of work, it would go to another. It would eliminate the problem of cores running on empty, which still happens on occasion.
Very complicated to program, I should think. Extremely complicated decision ladder. KISS for easier maintenance, easier documentation and less user frustration.

There might be exceptions to allow high-priority jobs to run on a different core, but I don't think even that is necessary. Jobs don't always finish on time even with the present BOINC scheduler. I think that overall, it would improve reliability.
Want greater reliability then cache fewer tasks.

But if that is a bridge too far, just go with your option. It can only help insofar as I can see.
I would implement it with a new element in app_config.xml:

The default would be 0. Set it to 1 for any app you want to run free of pre-emption. Should fit into existing code nicely... when scheduler is deciding which tasks to pre-empt simply don't pre-empt those set to 1 in app_config.xml.

The problem with setting "switch between tasks every..." very high is that it paints all apps with the same brush and creates a programming conundrum when a task is getting close to deadline. What do you do in that situation? Override an existing rule (the switch every interval) with an "unless" clause? How much more complicated does that make the logic/flow? How many more "unless" clauses are needed just to deal with the initial "unless"? Rather keep it simple and allow simple rules with no need for over-rides.
34) Message boards : Questions and problems : How to finish a work unit without pausing? (Message 87695)
Posted 17 Aug 2018 by jglrogujgv
BOINC has that option: ask the project to take out the checkpointing for that application, and its tasks will run from start to finish without break.

Edit: of course, if for some unforeseen reason the run is broken, the calculations will restart from the beginning.

Create a new problem to fix a problem? I can't see many projects agreeing to that.
35) Message boards : Questions and problems : How to finish a work unit without pausing? (Message 87671)
Posted 16 Aug 2018 by jglrogujgv
[It is the only project I know of that has that problem

Actually LHC's VBox apps have a similar problem, not exactly the same but similar in the sense that the problem would be alleviated if BOINC had an option to run each and every task, regardless of project, from start to finish, no pre-empting by other tasks. With LHC the problem is that their VBox apps don't like to be interrupted. On suspension with LAIM off the VM snapshot file, written to the task's slot dir, can grow so large that the <rsc_disk_bound> is exceeded causing "Exit status 196 (0x000000C4) EXIT_DISK_LIMIT_EXCEEDED".

So.... request for "no-preemption for Rosetta" is essentially a request for special treatment for a single project. I would expect devs to frown upon that on the grounds that it's yet another branch in an already complex algorithm and what for... for just one project? A request for a no-preemption option that would apply to all projects is a branch but it would apply to all projects which is much easier to justify from a development cost versus benefit perspective.
36) Message boards : Questions and problems : screensaver for ubuntu 18.04 ? (Message 87670)
Posted 16 Aug 2018 by jglrogujgv
Ubuntu 18.04 here too and I have a .xscreensaver folder. Install xscreensaver from repos and then you'll have a .xscreensaver folder too.
Will it work with BOINC screensaver? I've never tried it with BOINC screensaver. All I ever did with xscreensaver was create custom rotating whirly texts containing disparaging remarks about Trumplethinskin to PO deplorables. It works very well for that :) xscreensaver is extremely well designed and written, very customisable. I bet it will work with BOINC screensaver if setup properly.
37) Message boards : The Lounge : Single Board Computers And Their Use To computational Crunching (Message 87577)
Posted 11 Aug 2018 by jglrogujgv
Raspberry pi is a great little platform for its intended purpose which is, according to the designers, to provide a low cost, platform with minimal power requirements for students in third world countries to use for learning how to program computers. When it comes to crunching numbers raspi's greatest weakness is the SD card. They are not designed to have huge amounts of data written to them. The more data you write to them the sooner they deteriorate and fail. An SD card is not all that expensive but it's a pain having to reinstall everything from scratch every time it fails. And you lose the work done on tasks that started.

You can avoid that problem by putting the BOINC data folder on a USB stick. They "wear out" too though not as fast as an SD card. You can connect an external hdd via USB but you have to provide 12 volts via an external power supply as raspi's USB ports don't supply sufficient amperage. USB 3.0 is a fairly fast interface. USB 2 is very slow compared to SATA and might slow down crunching appreciably.

Another option is use NAS for the BOINC data folder. Anything but an SD card.
38) Message boards : Questions and problems : Screen Saver not rely a Screen Saver. (Message 87559)
Posted 9 Aug 2018 by jglrogujgv
Obviously you haven't read the documentation. If you feel you have uncovered a bug then you have the 3 options mentioned at Since the first option doesn't seem to be working out for you consider the second and third options.

If none of the options work for you then send the lead developer, David Anderson, your mailing address and he will cheerfully refund your money including shipping and handling.

Final option is send me $1000 cash (no cheques, no credit card) and I will get started on a new screensaver for you. Sorry but that's the best I can do for people who were not born with it and don't want to learn it.
39) Message boards : The Lounge : BOINC Politics thread (Message 87474)
Posted 6 Aug 2018 by jglrogujgv
Welcome to the café, jglrogujgv :) I do hope I pronounced that correctly...
It helps if you remember both j's are silent ;)
40) Message boards : The Lounge : BOINC Politics thread (Message 87440)
Posted 3 Aug 2018 by jglrogujgv
Is Xi the man dancing in the streets?
He will be if Trump & Kim complete the double by signing a final peace agreement ending the Korean War :-)

Now wouldn't that be something :-)

Will never happen. How do we know? Because Trumplethinskin is a sick, depraved, low IQ, compulsive liar. Not a single word of truth has ever left his mouth nor will any in the future. If he says he wants peace with the Norkors then we know for sure what he actually wants is war. Trump knows he is a worthless, yellow bellied coward. Of all his filthy sick impulses and twisted needs his top priority is to prove to himself and to the world that he is a tough guy, a manly man. Bush declared himself a war president and gleefully slaughtered millions of Iraqis. Trump's greatest yearning is to prove he is even tougher than Bush by murdering at least 10 times the number the war criminal Bush murdered.

All this hoohaw out of Trump's foul yap of late is just him setting up the scenario to facilitate the big lie that we all know is coming, the big BS excuse he's going to invent for invading N Korea. He's going to have to do something to make amends for destroying everything American and what better way is there to get on an American's good side than to tell them they don't have to use those boring cardboard targets anymore instead they can go to N Korea and blast away at something that runs and ducks and jumps around the way a cardboard target cannot. Yes, you know it's coming, that day when Trump will tweet that he is the greatest, the mightiest, the most savvy war president there ever was. Cuz that's how sick Toddler Tyrant is and you know it.

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