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Posted 25 Aug 2019 by jglrogujgv
Crunching with a stock RasPi is a fun and interesting project to demo the RasPi's capabilities but it is of little longterm practical value. At the root of the problem is the RasPi's use of an SD card for mass storage. SD's deteriorate fairly quickly when used for crunching.

One way to crunch reliably with a RasPi is to add an external USB drive and configure BOINC to use it (instead of the SD card) for mass storage.
2) Message boards : Questions and problems : systemctl start = no GPU (Message 92243)
Posted 20 Jul 2019 by jglrogujgv
My name is Jorden, but since no one cares enough anymore to see if they spelled that correctly - you just showed that - I call myself Jord. Which people then still bastardise into the weirdest of spellings and adaptions.
Take a look at my name and then tell me about it, Jurgen. I'm tempted to just change it to something easy like Bob. Anyway, how about we just call each other "J", OK?

gave the right command but IIRC the syntax is incorrect.
I did a search on the forums and picked it up from another thread.
I saw it too. Methinks they mangled the parameters the way they mangle our names. Those silly name manglers huh?

Shrug, go blame them if it doesn't work

If you had provided a URL to the forum where you allegedly found the command, I would give them the same advice.... do man usermod. As for blaming them.... since when did blame enter the pic? I thought we were all just helping each other out here for free. You mean Toddler Tyrant needs to fire somebody over this? OMG, what did we start here? OMG^2... you going be fired?

BTW, I pre-shrugged this whole thing before you shrugged.
3) Message boards : Questions and problems : CPU Temperature vs Performance (Message 92231)
Posted 19 Jul 2019 by jglrogujgv
Easy solution if you own your home/condo/apartment.... poke 2 holes through a wall for coolant hose and mount the radiator outside. If not the walls then through a window frame, maybe. The old wooden sash window frames are easy as pie. Metal framed widows are usually framed with aluminum which drills as easy as wood (almost). If they are metal framed sealed units it's still doable but be very careful else you'll have an expensive window repair bill.
4) Message boards : Questions and problems : systemctl start = no GPU (Message 92230)
Posted 19 Jul 2019 by jglrogujgv
I don't understand it.
I' don't understand how one can add one group to another group.

You're not adding one group to another group. You're adding a user named boinc to the group named video.

Jordan gave the right command but IIRC the syntax is incorrect. If his version does not work then try
sudo usermod -a boinc -G video

Do "man usermod" for details.
5) Message boards : Questions and problems : systemctl start = no GPU (Message 92222)
Posted 19 Jul 2019 by jglrogujgv
Risk is everywhere. Some people just ignore it and have fun for as long as it lasts. Others minimize the risk and then decide whether the minimum level is acceptable or not. Crunching with boinc as member of video group is less risky than running the client as root, IMHO. Yes, somebody might turn my webcam on and yes that might cause me to lose my virginity but I'm 67, maybe it's time.
The link you gave seems to suggest the risk can be reduced even further but I don't understand it.
6) Message boards : Questions and problems : systemctl start = no GPU (Message 92141)
Posted 13 Jul 2019 by jglrogujgv
Matches 1:1
I just changed the "User" to root and ran restart. Seems to work.

Huge security risk running BOINC as root. I haven't used GPU for crunching for many years but IIRC boinc needs to be added to the GPU user group?
7) Message boards : Projects : LHC@home moves SixTrack 5.02 to production (Message 91925)
Posted 25 Jun 2019 by jglrogujgv
They need to get on the GPU band wagon.

No GPU band wagon so far but they're on the Apple cart now as they recently managed to get their latest Sixtrack app to run on Mac.
8) Message boards : GPUs : GPU run project (Message 91730)
Posted 5 Jun 2019 by jglrogujgv
I am no expert on Linux and AFAICT Linux still sucks, but...

You ain't much of an expert on anything.
Windows, a quaint American word, meaning: a real OS is too hard for me.
9) Message boards : Projects : LHC@home moves SixTrack 5.02 to production (Message 91445)
Posted 9 May 2019 by jglrogujgv
Recent announcement from Alessio Mereghetti...

This is a major rebuild of LHC's SixTrack app moved from testing to production. WinXP is not supported but they're working on fixing that.
ATM there are 750K tasks available. Get 'em while they're hot!!
10) Message boards : Questions and problems : Problem with CPU benchmark (Message 90153)
Posted 15 Feb 2019 by jglrogujgv
I suspect the problem might return and eventually go away again. I don't have any GPUs so the following info is just hearsay but there might be something to it. I recall seeing posts at LHC@home mentioning that on hosts running CPU only projects alongside GPU projects the scheduler doesn't do a very good job of keeping all cores busy at all times. Apparently sometimes it does while other times it does not thus the problem comes and goes inexplicably. If I understand those posts correctly there isn't much one can do about it other than learn to live with it.
11) Message boards : Questions and problems : Boinc starting at boot and am I attached or not? Errors with Boinc Manager (Message 90135)
Posted 15 Feb 2019 by jglrogujgv
Boinc version 7.93 x64, Linux Mint 19.1, World Community Grid

I have two problems.

One is that the client starts automatically when I boot. I see many instances of wcgrid_mcm1_map running in top. I wanted to try to stop it from booting at startup so I did update-rc.d boinc-client remove in the terminal and rebooted. That didn't stop the service from starting so I opened the Boinc Manager GUI, switched it to Advanced View and went to Options -> Other options and unchecked 'run' under one of the tabs. It didn't say much but I guessed it might be run at startup. After I did that, the wcgrid_mcm1_map instances start at boot...

The update-rc.d command requires root privileges. Did you run it as root? If that does not disable the daemon on boot then try the service command or the more recent systemctl command (recommended).

If you do "man systemctl" you'll see it has numerous options/arguments. The ones you are most likely interested in are: start, stop, enable, disable and status. They are used as follows:
sudo systemctl status boinc-client       (outputs like running, dead, stopped along with pertinent bits of the client's log)
sudo systemctl start boinc-client       (starts a stopped daemon, does NOT cause a disabled daemon to autostart at boot time)
sudo systemctl stop boinc-client        (stops a running daemon, does NOT prevent an enabled daemon from starting at boot time)
sudo systemctl enable boinc-client      (causes daemon to autostart at boot time, does NOT stop a running daemon)
sudo systemctl disable boinc-client      (prevents daemon autostart at boot time, does NOT halt a running daemon) 

Another problem you're running into is that you're relying on feedback from top and boinc to tell you whether the boinc daemon is running or not. As you've noted, that approach can be problematic. Instead use "sudo systemctl status boinc-client".
12) Message boards : Questions and problems : Rosetta hogging resources (Message 90131)
Posted 14 Feb 2019 by jglrogujgv
If what you're saying is true then it sounds like DHEP is a sneaky tail that has found a way to wag the dog. It sounds like it's a rogue project that is purposefully and knowingly committing fraud and theft of computing resources. If so then people need to file a complaint with the authorities in whatever country DHEP originates from instead of asking BOINC devs to thwart the crook, not that I blame you for asking here first.

Just curious... do any of the DHEP project staff go by names similar to Donald, Junior, Ivanka or Jared?
13) Message boards : Projects : PreK-12 BOINC Machine Question (Message 89839)
Posted 29 Jan 2019 by jglrogujgv
The device you are inquiring about is called a computer cluster. Google it and you'll get numerous hits. Google "boinc cluster" and you'll get more hits.

Why do you want a cluster? Are you aware that you can control the client via an instance of the the manager running remotely (on a different machine)? You don't need to have a monitor attached to each machine.
14) Message boards : Questions and problems : BOINC keeps crashing in Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia (Message 89758)
Posted 23 Jan 2019 by jglrogujgv
Check the logs for errors related to: boinc, xorg
As Mint is a Debian derivative, the logs (logfiles) are most likely in folder /var/log/ unless you configured things to log to some other folder.
If it's the manager (the GUI, not BOINC client) that's disappearing, a reasonable first guess would be something related to (or reported by) the X subsystem. X logs to Xorg.0.log on my Ubuntu system, probably on Mint too. BTW, X is the video sub-system. It ultimately provides the desktop and GUI's, for example, BOINC Manager.
You should also check /var/log/ for BOINC's own logs and search them for error messages.
Finally, the error messages you're looking for might even percolate up to syslog or other logfiles.
15) Message boards : Questions and problems : Displayed time to complete a project. (Message 88647)
Posted 27 Oct 2018 by jglrogujgv
My apologies for not explaining clearly that the "Elapsed Time", "Percentage Completed" and the "Time to Complete" are completely useless. You, seemed to have agreed with me for you have stated that they are impossible to predict.
Wrong. I have not agreed with any of your confused ramblings and I expect that any attempt to correct your misinterpretation will only lead to more confused ramblings from you.

Would it not be a better one if the Devs could come up with a better suggestion than mine.
I think they would suggest that you should spend less time typing and more time reading.
16) Message boards : Questions and problems : Displayed time to complete a project. (Message 88641)
Posted 26 Oct 2018 by jglrogujgv
Than I repeat why do we need a column that states Estimated time etc when it is completely inaccurate accept in a few cases. A start time column would serve a more useful feature as after a few WU's we can see how long it took to complete a WU even though that varies as well but it would be more accurate because you can check the completed time on a wall clock or in your account if need be how long each WU took.

Not sure what you hope to gain out of a start time column. It sounds like you want to know task duration (run time). Well that is provided in your list of results.

It sounds like you want a start time column so you can then subtract the start time from the finish time given in your list of results. That column shows time reported not finish time. And the duration is given in the adjacent column.
17) Message boards : Questions and problems : Displayed time to complete a project. (Message 88592)
Posted 23 Oct 2018 by jglrogujgv
OK. I agree that there might never be an accurate estimate of How much time elapsed and how long before completion.
The elapsed time is very accurate for ALL projects as it is based on system time. Only time to completion and % complete are problematic and they are problematic only for some project's apps. For other projects those numbers are fairly accurate.

No need to be confused by unrealistic times. Just a wish nothing else.
Click Options -> Select Columns to hide info that gets under your skin. No column for start time because it isn't useful info.
18) Message boards : Promotion : Giving a Title to what we are doing. (Message 88579)
Posted 22 Oct 2018 by jglrogujgv
We have been using the Acronym BOINC ever since its creation by Dr David Anderson many years ago. Since that time BOINC has developed and now we in fact are running two different software used for identical purposes.

Nope. It's the same software with a new layer that allows users to attach projects in a what is purported to be a new, easier way. That new layer sits on top of the same old software. It might appear on the surface to be two different versions but if you look below the surface it rests firmly on the twin pillars referred to as the client and the server.

Personally, it took me a long time to get used to the meaning of BOINC not just the name but what it means for when you break it down none of the words suggests that it is used for assisting Scientists in the main in their research by volunteering our computer resources.

United Science Research Volunteers.

a. Unattended option[/u] where you set and forget, just select whatever science you prefer and the projects will be downloaded to your computer.

b.[u] Self select option
. where you select your own project or projects and join a team of other volunteers exchanging various options that is available like participating in challenges and comparing equipment to receive more credit than a single computer which you could use as a metric comparing to others.

Then we would have two names that would almost immediately be converted to the following acronyms: USRVU and USRVSS. How do those reflect what they are is all about any better than the BOINC acronym? Neither of them suggest it involves networking and computers. USRVU suggests unattended volunteers who are doing something for science. But what are they doing? Fetching coffee for scientists? Gathering data in the field for scientists? And what does USRVSS suggest that distinguishes it from USRVU... the volunteers self-select what they're fetching and who they're fetching it for?

Think about it... What name could possibly conjure all the nuances and functionality in BOINC in a better way? No matter what the name or acronym one still has to do a little reading to get even a cursory idea of what it's about. So the better name (and logo) is one that somehow catches one's attention and instantly creates a desire to investigate further. What they read in the next 20 to 50 words, or so the marketing experts tell us, either hooks the reader or makes him look for the next interesting looking link.

The only name I can think of that might be more informative would be to substitute the word Volunteer for Network which yields BOIVC. Unfortunately BOIVC doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely as BOINC does. At least not for English speakers.
19) Message boards : Questions and problems : Displayed time to complete a project. (Message 88577)
Posted 22 Oct 2018 by jglrogujgv
I have often wondered why the mechanism to calculate remaining time isn't based on percentage completed and the time taken to reach that percentage.
What makes you think the percent complete number is reliable? Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it is so inaccurate the only useful thing it provides is an indication that the computation hasn't crashed. Sometimes it isn't possible to make it more accuirate than that.

At the heart of the problem is the fact that for some computations it is impossible to determine (with any accuracy) how many CPU cycles the computation will require. If you don't know how many are required then you can't calculate % complete.

For some computations the best you can do is run a few hundred/thousand/million of them in pre-production, watch how long they take and then choose some arbitrary limit after which BOINC will terminate the task. If too many tasks exceed that limit when you go into production then you make an educated guess and increase the limit. Rinse and repeat.

It's a problem that has plagued computing science ever since the first computing machines. There is no solution. There will never be any solution. There will only better/revised estimates.
20) Message boards : The Lounge : BOINC Politics thread (Message 88502)
Posted 17 Oct 2018 by jglrogujgv
How about that Kanye West? He wants to repeal/amend Yankee Land's 13th Amendment and make slavery legal again. Does he not realize he's black? Is braindead one of the super powers he acquired when he put on the MAGA hat?

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