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Posted 29 Mar 2018 by Profile samiam
dearest boboviz,

yes, it's a new BOINC project but old idea .. imho, BOINC is the best venue for it even tho it's more distributed communications than computing .. i ask here in this reply - that all caring readers please write to President Obama directly about this new project. The website to do that is .. again, all caring readers should write directly to President Obama about this new project and cite the URL for this thread. thank you boboviz for your interest - and - even tho you're Italian, you can still write President Obama :)

2) Message boards : Projects : Democracy@home -- the project we have all been waiting for! (Message 85508)
Posted 28 Mar 2018 by Profile samiam
look at this BOINC page:
scroll to the bottom and find: "This page was last modified on 27 January 2016"
that's two years ago O.O
.. over the years, i've had some pretty good project ideas, mostly in engineering .. before my motorcycle accident, i had an Acer Ultrabook that i used as a webserver among other things .. as you can surmise, i no longer have that computer (tho i rescued the HD and am using now) .. back to Democracy@home .. all caring human beings are remiss about this particular idea .. we should have had the project running as soon as BOINC was available .. project specifications:
1. only ONE computer allowed per physical address (if you can't get a family to agree on something, how can we?)
2. any registered participant can raise a global issue
3. a. global issues are voted on by all registered participants within a timeframe defined by the issue
3. b. issues are ranked by registered participant interest in decreasing order
4. a registered participant cannot represent a company or other organization apart from the residents at their physical location
5. all registered participants carry equal weight for their vote
6. a. servers for this project shall be unequivocally unhackable
6. b. clients for this project cannot be simulated
7. project administrators must have appropriate background checks performed

.. every day we neglect developing and implementing this project is another day we will collectively reside in the "political stone-age" .. this project MUST, for the sake of democracy and humankind, must be developed and implemented with the specifications above and listed on the webpage mentioned above, salvatore gerard micheal, 2018/MAR/28.33

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