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1) Message boards : Projects : Can't upload results to Asteroids@ (Message 101917)
Posted 3 Dec 2020 by fantoms
I have a lot of results to report to Asteroids@home but BOINC does not upload them.
They even not appear in Transfer bar.

What may be the problem?
2) Message boards : Questions and problems : Can't send Ready to report tasks (Message 85442)
Posted 27 Mar 2018 by fantoms
I have several Ready to report tasks and 10 tasks with status "Uploading".
The Uploading tasks sent only 0.11 kb of information and stopped.
Protect: Asteroids@home

What should be the problem?
3) Message boards : Questions and problems : Can't uninstall or update Boinc (Windows 7) (Message 85391)
Posted 23 Mar 2018 by fantoms

I also have a problem with update/install boinc_7.8.3_windows_x86_64_vbox
I receive following message:
This installation package is not supported by this processor type.
Contact your product vendor

CPU: Xeon E5430
Windows 7

How to fix this?

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