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1) Message boards : BOINC client : Problem installing lattest version of BOINC (Message 27351)
Posted 13 Sep 2009 by Son Goku
Thanks, can shrub again :)
2) Message boards : BOINC client : Problem installing lattest version of BOINC (Message 27347)
Posted 13 Sep 2009 by Son Goku
I've used BOINC since early days (had an old seti@home classic account even for many years before it came out, that got migrated over); and never ran into a problem like this. Also if we were talking Windows 7, or a new computer I could see some upcomming OS issues creeping in. But I'm running Windows XP still, which has been around for ages and has been proven reliable through the long haul, in terms of software useage time frame. So this has me.

Installed the recent client for BOINC, did change the directories (I'm sorry, but trying to default to application data on the system hard drive does NOT work for me, I'd rather it stay in the BOINC folder, on a seperate external hard drive. My USB2 HD has 100 GB, vs only 33 or so GB on my OS drive, space sucks there). OK, all good, no problems ever, in the past. But now, fresh install of Windows (not that long ago), and it wants a reboot after install, all standard.

Well until it reboots. Because it then says "BOINC requires the system to be rebooted in order to work properly". It just rebooted, ok so let it reboot again. This is a persistent problem, and whatever it should do during a reboot, it isn't; and as such, an infinite number of reboots will never fix this. So, perhaps this is going to have to be done manually? Exactly what is BOINC needng a reboot for, and how to force it done, step by step, to get the ting to run. It isn't fixing itself on it's own. This is with the current lattest release version of BOINC off the BOINC download page, for Windows.
3) Message boards : Projects : Project TANPAKU (Message 20357)
Posted 19 Sep 2008 by Son Goku
It's now late September (more then a month since the date in their lattest message), and still no info. Like many I also have unfinished WUs. This is the point where without newer info one begins to wonder if the project has been abandoned or just no timely work on the matter.
4) Message boards : BOINC client : Processing SETI and Climate analysis (Message 3936)
Posted 17 Apr 2006 by Son Goku
Part of what happens is that CPDN WUs take a looooooooong time to complete, compared to SETI WUs. I'm using the crunch3r optimized science app for SETI, but on my A64, it completes in 44 minutes. This is also with the SS3 A64 version (as I have a Venice core A64, which includes this).

CPDN WUs... Until it got the kill trickle from the network (problem with older coupled ocean models one can see on their site), it was 100 hours into the model, with about 1,760 or so hours being estimated to remain. Mind you, this is on an Athlon 64. An older computer will take longer.

The reason the indicator might not seem to move, is that depending on the actual performance on your computer, as well as the model type you have (sulpher vs. coupled ocean for instance), it could even end up taking over 150 days of CPU time, for your model to complete.

SETI on the other hand, I haven't even seen enhanced take 1+ days on my A64, but I won't rule out there might not be a model on it I hadn't received yet. I think with the default app (though it was awhile), it was doing it in about 2.5 hours or so on this same computer, to give some idea of comparison...

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