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Posted 15 Feb 2023 by MaxE
I'm not very IT literate and would be very grateful for help. My machine is a Mac, OS Ventura 13.1.
I previously ran BOINC but for various reasons stopped about a year ago - well before the upgrade to Ventura - and tried then to uninstall BOINC. I thought I'd succeeded.
Recently however I noticed in my Login Items something called "Charlie Fenton". I can't find anything on my Mac called Charlie Fenton, so I disabled it at Login - but I can't actually locate and remove the item.
Since disabling it I've got several notifications a day saying "Background Items Added. Software from 'Charlie Fenton' added items that can run in the background. You can manage this in Login Items Settings."
An internet search suggests that Charlie Fenton may be associated with BOINC.
If that's correct, please can you advise on how to stop these notifications and completely remove Charlie Fenton from my computer?
Thank you in advance.

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