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1) Message boards : News : BOINC in schools (Message 113603)
Posted 13 Feb 2024 by Weber462
2) Message boards : Projects : Dedekind@Home, anyone ? (Message 113146)
Posted 20 Nov 2023 by Weber462
Seem like BOINC would be a perfect fit. I’d crunch it. 😃
3) Message boards : Projects : BOINC Workshop! March 1st and 8th! Come Sign up! (Message 110993)
Posted 2 Feb 2023 by Weber462
4) Message boards : Projects : Science Commons Initiative is looking for a BOINC Engineer for Microgrid Project. (Message 110992)
Posted 2 Feb 2023 by Weber462
The Science Commons Initiative and the Microgrid Working Group are looking for a software engineer with a love of science and the desire to connect scientists with the compute resources they need!

You will need an understanding of Python and PHP (any c++ experience is definitely a plus), and loose familiarity with or a willingness to learn a bit of Blender.

In short, The SCI's Micgrogrid Working Group is developing a platform designed to connect researchers with compute needs to the distributed computing network BOINC. We will be interacting with researchers, discussing their needs, and designing and developing their computing applications that will run on the Microgrid platform.

Our MVP will be two applications that run on the BOINC infrastructure.

1. A prime number discovery application
2. A video/gfx rendering application

The SCI is a non-profit organization with limited funding, but we have set aside a small budget to get the Microgrid project off the ground.

If we successfully launch our MVP and a few subsequent applications, the project has the potential to turn into a fairly large OSS endeavor with long term positions available.

The Microgrid-WG release post can be found at

Announcement: Microgrid Working Group

Connecting researchers with the compute they need

If you are interested in more information, or to set up a meeting with Microgrid-WG, please email us at

For science!
5) Message boards : Teams : Gridcoin Crunchers! (Message 110636)
Posted 5 Dec 2022 by Weber462
Maybe a new project, or an oldie. SETI or an AI trainer or what ever the new thing is. Any commercial applications in design or simulation? That would be a good way to get some financial support and increase interest. Time will tell. I see value in what I am contributing, if nothing else, that is worth it to me.
6) Message boards : News : Uania fights COVID with SiDock and Science United (Message 110613)
Posted 2 Dec 2022 by Weber462
That is awesome! Congrats!
7) Message boards : Teams : Gridcoin Crunchers! (Message 110609)
Posted 2 Dec 2022 by Weber462
Lol. We need to spread the word and get some new whale crunchers like yourself Keith =).

I got a question for you, What do you think is the most efficient/effective way to advertise and attract new BOINC crunchers? I feel there are alot of people that would like following the projects, and the hardware tinkering, and to competitiveness, and the social component, and knowing they are helping a cause. How do we find these people and tell them this thing called BOINC exists?

To me Gridcoin is a tool to help bring people to distributive computing and to science. Hopefully people will see a value in that. I really like what they are doing to expose a new generation to BOINC.
8) Message boards : Teams : Gridcoin Crunchers! (Message 110607)
Posted 1 Dec 2022 by Weber462
Here to answer all your Gridcoin questions. =)
9) Message boards : Projects : What can i do to help? (Message 110585)
Posted 29 Nov 2022 by Weber462
I love BOINC. I have no programing experience. What can I help with other than Crunching?
10) Message boards : Promotion : BOINC Census 2022! (Message 110560)
Posted 26 Nov 2022 by Weber462
It’s not a scam. They are not asking for personal data. They are trying to increase participation. According to their podcast, it will be yearly. Btw, they host a podcast that talks about current BOINC projects. Links are on the website.

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