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1) Message boards : News : BOINC client 7.20.2 released (Message 109856)
Posted 22 Sep 2022 by Roelof
Thanks for the help. But these were not the solution. A few days ago I discovered the real reason: lack of disk space. It's a pity the installer does not check and warn though.
2) Message boards : News : BOINC client 7.20.2 released (Message 109578)
Posted 11 Aug 2022 by Roelof
In the many years I participate in Boinc projects, I always updated to newer versions successfully. Up to now. During the installation process, I get an error message:
The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.
The "Use source:" field below it references the folder "C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Installations\{B44F69CD-B0DE-4FAA-A80B-83C287335499}\" can be opened with the Windows Explorer, so it actually exists, although only partly. The last folder with the curly brackets is not present. And when I create it manually it is not used when I start the setup for a second time.
If I cancel the installer, it suggests there have been no changes to my system, but in reality also the old version was partly(?) deleted.
Instructions for the following error 1706 suggest I should reinstall the previous version. But that one now emits the same error messages.
So I am stuck and cannot contribute any more...

Any hints for what I can try any further? Thanks in advance.

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