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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Can Input Into BOINC Stat Charts Be Modified By User? (Message 108605)
Posted 21 Jun 2022 by Profile snowdenedward671
When trying to edit my Einstein account to NOT export any number, I managed to make an incorrect entry which caused all Einstein to show up on BOINC stat charts. That is now corrected, export denied, but the BOINC charts are a mess. I do NOT care about Einstein Credits, ONLY SETI (retired history) and Milky Way. Is there any way I can remove any and ALL Einstein data from the BOINC stats? If not, can I close and delete all Einstein account info from all hosts to fix it, or do I also need to remove BOINC completely and open up a new BOINC account showing ONLY SETI and Milky Way. I for sure do not want to loose 20++ years of SETI data even though it is retired. Thanks.

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