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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Ansible installed node not getting credit (Message 108572)
Posted 19 Jun 2022 by Profile murtazashb
I run Boinc on a Handful of Old laptops running Debian. I Installed all but the latest one by hand. I have recently gotten into managing them with Ansible.

For the latest one I wrote a playbook to do the install. I am fairly sure I got it right, I duplicated all of install steps I used for the other laptops. The ones I installed by hand are all running fine and getting credit. The latest one seems to be running fine, using boincmd and htop I can see it is computing. It shows up in my host list on boincstats. It has been running for around 2 months and still shows no credit.

I'm about to do a clean install of Debian and install Boinc by hand but I was hoping someone would have an idea what is wrong?

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