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Michael Gmirkin

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Message 4712 - Posted: 14 Jun 2006, 3:54:29 UTC
Last modified: 14 Jun 2006, 3:55:42 UTC

Wasn't sure which forums this should go into, I guess it has elements of both...

Auto-update thread in BOINC Manager forum.

So, anyway hopefully one of the two forums will get the right eyes on it to make it happen or consider it for future implementation.

I just hink that auto-update would be handy... And I'd assume there should be some kind of standard API interface for the backend programmers at Seti@Home or other projects so everyone can use the same commands/interfaces in the same way to push updates.

But any update scheme should have dependency checking and user control over how automatic it is (from turned off, to notification but no actino without user permission, to fully automatic download/install of updates of both the core boinc manager / client and individual projects a machine might be attached to).
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Message boards : API : Auto-update for BOINC and/or projects?

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