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Message 4627 - Posted: 2 Jun 2006, 19:26:49 UTC
Last modified: 2 Jun 2006, 19:27:29 UTC

I noticed this on the download page:

'We are now using mirrored download servers at partner institutions. Your download will come from a randomly-chosen server. Thanks to these partners for their help.

If you have trouble downloading a file, please reload this page in your browser and try again. This will link to a different download mirror and may fix the problem.'

You could simplify this by using a .metalink for downloads. This is a simple XML file that lists Mirror (FTP/HTTP) & p2p locations for a file. There are also checksums, so a file's integrity can be verified once the download is complete.

Currently, there is only a Windows client, GetRight 6, but clients for other OSes are on the way.

Here's the .metalink for BOINC:


Here's what it looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<metalink version="3.0" generator="Metalink Generator v1.00.0034" xmlns="http://www.metalinker.org/">
<name>Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing</name>
<description>BOINC lets you donate computing power to scientific research projects.</description>
<file name="boinc_5.4.9_windows_intelx86.exe">
<hash type="md5">09780d4f5d2eb54fc61b665bc5f1eb60</hash>
<url type="http" location="us" preference="100">http://boinc.berkeley.edu/dl/boinc_5.4.9_windows_intelx86.exe</url>
<url type="http" location="de" preference="100">http://einstein.aei.mpg.de/download/boinc/dl/boinc_5.4.9_windows_intelx86.exe</url>
<url type="http" location="us" preference="100">http://einstein.aset.psu.edu/download/boinc/dl/boinc_5.4.9_windows_intelx86.exe</url>
<url type="http" location="uk" preference="100">http://einstein.astro.gla.ac.uk/download/boinc/dl/boinc_5.4.9_windows_intelx86.exe</url>
<url type="http" location="us" preference="100">http://morel.mit.edu/download/boinc/dl/boinc_5.4.9_windows_intelx86.exe</url>
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Message 5677 - Posted: 21 Sep 2006, 4:06:06 UTC

Here's a good explanation of Metalink:

'Metalinks makes complex download pages obsolete by replacing long lists of download mirrors and BitTorrent trackers with a single .metalink file. As you might have already guessed, a .metalink file is a file that tells a download manager all the different ways it can download a file. The file itself takes the form of an open XML standard that can list an unlimited number of HTTP and FTP sources as well as BitTorrent trackers and ed2k and magnet links.'

I've updated the metalinks for BOINC & Blender:

There are now four metalink clients on Windows/Unix/Mac: GetRight, Speed Download, aria2, & wxDownload Fast. (More on the way, here's a list: http://www.metalinker.org/implementation.html )

OpenOffice.org and many Linux/BSD distributions use it to distribute their ISOs, & kernel.org will be using it soon.
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Message 15685 - Posted: 5 Mar 2008, 22:02:36 UTC

The number of clients is increasing, here ist a list

The plugin "DownThemAll!" for Mozilla Firefox is also available.

Here are two testing metalinks, the lastest Windows relase version of Boinc 5.10.30:

5.10.30 32-Bit

5.10.30 64-Bit

Metalink 3.0 Specification (PDF)
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Message 15833 - Posted: 12 Mar 2008, 12:36:49 UTC

I did not create a Metalink for 5.10.45 yet, at this time there ist only one Einstein-Server (at Max-Planck-Institute, Potsdam) mirroring the new versions outside the US, Pennsylvania State and MIT stopped it. For better download times, especialy in Europe, we could set up some mirrors with fast connection to science networks like GEANT and DFN. I think not all the files have to be mirrored.
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Message 17705 - Posted: 6 Jun 2008, 13:15:03 UTC

1500 TFLOPS by now...

The number of downloads from boincdl.ssl seems to increase, this week I got download rates of about 15 kbytes per second in the evening time. What is the bandwidth of the download server?

Maybe we could build a database of mirrorsites for easy creating of metalink files. Some metalinks or torrents could be published on the download sites. I made 4 .torrent-files for the Berkeley Linux/Windows builds of 5.10.45 on boinc.homeunix.com/dl to test.

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