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Message 52746 - Posted: 25 Feb 2014, 8:41:47 UTC

I installed the boinc client on my android for good, but then...
Then my phone (SGSII, Android 4.1.2, unrooted) said, it's running out of disk space and other apps could not be updated.
I did a sorrow search on the web but couldn't find an answer to the question, how to delete boinc including the files and folders it created for calculation to free the space it used.
Is there really no possibility to get rid of all files it creates, rather than Factory Reset - when I have no rooted phone?
I tried to search with es-explorer, but there is nothing I could delete manually.
I have spent hours, searching for a solution, but it seems, boinc is nice, if it works, but a pain in the ass if you want to get rid of it.
Sorry for my harsh words, but this issue is really annoying.
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Message 52747 - Posted: 25 Feb 2014, 9:16:36 UTC - in response to Message 52746.  
Last modified: 25 Feb 2014, 9:54:48 UTC

I uninstalled last night, by going Settings, Apps, BOINC, uninstall, and as far as I can see, there are no remnants left on internal or external storage. But then I did empty my cache before I uninstalled. Did you?

If you didn't, you'll be left with the data directory full of stuff the phone may still want to crunch. Your choices here are to abort all the work (after setting no new tasks, of course), or to detach from the project(s). That way the task data will be deleted, and uninstalling BOINC should now delete the data directory.

But else, I am sure that you can just delete the data directory. If you cannot, you should report that to the BOINC for Android email list at!forum/boinc-android-testing, as that's where the thing is being developed.
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