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Message 52010 - Posted: 17 Jan 2014, 14:16:03 UTC

Hi how works shared memory between legacy application running wia wrapper and graphical application? Is posibble to use shmem? If yes, what name of application i call to get sh mem, wrapper or name of application?



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Message 52014 - Posted: 18 Jan 2014, 13:19:35 UTC

If you have a legacy application and you can build a graphic application that can use the shmem of the legacy application you are done. The problem is that the legacy application may not provide such a shmem segment. The BOINC Graphics API is designed for BOINC applications and not legacy applications. You can try to to communicate with the wrapper but I don't know if the stock BOINC wrapper supports this.

To be really sure you should ask on the boinc_projects mailinglist.
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