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Janos of TSBT

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Message 47638 - Posted: 4 Feb 2013, 9:31:54 UTC
Last modified: 4 Feb 2013, 9:34:40 UTC

I have written some code which works fine when talking to the localhost client but fails to authenticate on remote hosts.

The BOINC Manager can connect correctly to all remote hosts used in my testing and everything looks good in Wireshark.

My code correctly asks for and receives a nonce.


I send back:


The reply on a remote host is always <unauthorized/>.

I've tried several ways to create the nonce_hash, none allow me to authenticate:

$nonce_hash = hash("md5",$nonce.$password);
$nonce_hash = md5($nonce.$password);
$nonce_hash = strtolower(md5($nonce.$password));

My source for this is

What am I missing on the hashing? I am sure it is something obvious.

Janos of TSBT
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