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Message 4005 - Posted: 21 Apr 2006, 9:39:55 UTC

hi guys

can't seem to get boinc to connect to it's respective websites to download the next bits of the work units, it can't seem to find my net connection, however it had no probs d/l the initial bits (eg got seti, rosetta, etc running and doing their thing for a bit) however it now seems that it can't connect, whenever it goes to screensaver it says activity is suspended and i can't update anything manually.

Operating on a LAN with cable and no firewalls or anything fancy, XP pro and a decent fast machine with not much on it (recently re-formatted). tried it with always connect to network, currently using network connect based on prefs. have cut and pasted my pref's below



Do work while computer is running on batteries?
(matters only for portable computers) no
Do work while computer is in use? no
Do work only after computer is idle for 1 minutes
Do work only between the hours of (no restriction)
Leave applications in memory while preempted?
(suspended applications will consume swap space if 'yes') no
Switch between applications every
(recommended: 60 minutes) 60 minutes
On multiprocessors, use at most 2 processors
Disk and memory usage
Use no more than 10 GB disk space
Leave at least 0.1 GB disk space free
Use no more than 50% of total disk space
Write to disk at most every 60 seconds
Use no more than 75% of total virtual memory
Network usage
Connect to network about every
(determines size of work cache; maximum 10 days) 0.1 days
Confirm before connecting to Internet?
(matters only if you use a modem) no
Disconnect when done?
(matters only if you use a modem) no
Maximum download rate: no limit
Maximum upload rate: no limit
Use network only between the hours of
Enforced by versions 4.46 and greater (no restriction)
Skip image file verification?
Check this ONLY if your Internet provider modifies image files (UMTS does this, for example).
Skipping verification reduces the security of BOINC. no
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Message 4023 - Posted: 21 Apr 2006, 20:36:01 UTC

You have the following:

'Do work while computer is in use? NO'

I seem to remember another thread, can not remember where, saying if you have the above set to NO and the screensaver activates, then BOINC thinks the machine is in use. The conclusion was if you want to use the screen saver, then you need to set 'Do work while computer is in user?' to YES.

Setting it to NO can also cause other effects. If you try to update manually, it will not until the the idle time has been reached. Which in your case is one minute. So to use the BOINC manager effectively you need to have the 'computer use' set to YES.

Unless it is really causing you noticable problems, you generally can set the 'computer use' to YES, without slowing your machine down.
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