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JP Silliman

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Message 45961 - Posted: 12 Oct 2012, 21:54:55 UTC

I have a few computers that crunch for BOINC, one of them being a server. I was wondering if there was currently anything to manage all clients on a local network from a central web interface. The server runs Ubuntu Server Edition 12.04, but I recently obtained access to windows server 2k8r2 and server 2012, so I can make a new vm if I need to.
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Message 45962 - Posted: 12 Oct 2012, 22:10:24 UTC - in response to Message 45961.  
Last modified: 17 Oct 2012, 15:55:35 UTC

All your clients are shown in the computers list under your account. From there you can see what kind of tasks they have, and if they produce a lot of errors or not. This is default, bug standard, built into the BOINC server software. You don't say which project(s) you run with, but let's take Seti as an example, as everyone runs Seti... ;-)

http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/home.php, scroll to Computers on this account.

However, if you mean you want to control them all from a single computer, then that's possible through BOINC Manager itself, although only one at a time. If you want to see all of them at one time, use third party apps like BOINC View or BOINCTasks. Although these are only available for Windows, I heard you can at least run BOINCTasks through Wine.

See http://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/Controlling_BOINC_remotely for more info.
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Fred - efmer.com

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Message 46024 - Posted: 17 Oct 2012, 15:18:25 UTC - in response to Message 45962.  

I heard you can at least run BoincTasks through Wine.

Yep BoincTasks is tested with Wine.
And it runs quite nicely on most Linux machines that way.

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