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Ken Putnam

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Message 45256 - Posted: 14 Aug 2012, 0:12:38 UTC
Last modified: 14 Aug 2012, 0:15:12 UTC

I absolutely HATE the v7 work requestor module (or whatever the proper name of the dang thing is)

I upgraded from v 6.12.34 to v7.0.28 in order to run Test4Theory (which doesn't play nice on my system, but that's another whole issue)

To my complaint:

Under the V6 BOINC manager, work from all of my projects downloaded in an understandable fashion All active projects downloaded so that most if not all had work on my system at the same time

Under v7, the fist project that downloads completely fills the work buffer (7.5 + 5 days). For example, Einstein just downloaded 6 WUs with an estimated 48hrs each. On my single processor hyper threaded CPU, that is 12 days of work. meanwhile at least two other Projects have work available, but of course won't download since my buffer is full

In v6, I would have gotten one or _maybe_ two WU from Einstein and one or two or ?? from the other two projects.

If I wanted to run one project at a time, I'd enable and disable projects when the mood hit me, but I just want BOINC to time slice between the projects I'm running, however many that may be

Since T4T doesn't play nice anyway, I'm seriously considering running the buffer dry and reverting to the v6 manager!
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Message boards : Questions and problems : V7 "Work Requestor"

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