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Message 45024 - Posted: 22 Jul 2012, 13:18:55 UTC

Hello, maybe this was not a problem for anyone else but when I tried to use a variation of the script two web hosts said they don't allow wget.

Probably since you can grab entire sites with wget and in a shared hosting environment that could be resource abuse issue.

My script does some things differently but the basics are:

(excerpt from original script)
wget -N --tries=2 -nv

(example using curl to grab the file)
curl > team.gz

I'm not a "curl expert" so maybe there are some options similar to the --tries=2 that I haven't explored yet but for a basic download function it's been working just fine.

So if you are trying to implement these functions and find your host won't allow wget, try curl.

If anyone knows of negatives to using curl for this function please let me know. Thanks.

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Message boards : Web interfaces : cURL a solution for using

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