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Message 42403 - Posted: 2 Feb 2012, 18:18:24 UTC

I upgraded my ATI X1550 card to a GeForce GT520 card. The main reason for the upgrade was that I wanted to be able to use my GPU for boinc crunching. So thats fine, apparently I've not got the fastest card for this but then I did get it cheap and it was one of the last to sell so guess it was not exactly the latest and I was not going to go shelling out loads of money.

Now I do have a 2 monitor setup (although I'm on one at the moment). I was thinking that as I have a second PCIe x4 slot I could put my old card back in and use it for my main monitor freeing up more of the GT520 for number crunching and other work it can do for the PC and just have my less used secondary monitor on the new fast card.

Niow my question is:

1) is this at all possible ?
2) will my GT520 still be able to "co process" for my main monitor on the other card when say watching a blueray ?
3) can I also just plug in 3 or 4 monitors if I want ?
4) Will an ATI card work with an nVidia card ?
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Message 42945 - Posted: 8 Mar 2012, 17:31:05 UTC - in response to Message 42403.  

good question, i think this would be interesting too because i have one really good pc(good proccessor) and 2 graphics but i want to use them both on the same... that also makes it better to manage.

but i don't know if this is possible... BOINC team, please look in to this!
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