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Message 40317 - Posted: 23 Sep 2011, 12:39:57 UTC


I'm developing an application for the BOINC-based project and I have a problem.

Application consists of the main executable and several dynamic linked modules. Updating main executable is no problem. But when I try to update one of the modules the update_versions script points me that files are immutable.

Adding a version to the module names is a very big problem because when executable was linked, module names did not have any version numbers. Is there any mean to avoid this problem?
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Alex Nikol

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Message 40826 - Posted: 25 Oct 2011, 6:41:46 UTC - in response to Message 40317.  
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I don't think that there is any way out of this problem, em was also suffering from the same.
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Message 44853 - Posted: 12 Jul 2012, 21:15:38 UTC

That is not really a problem. Boinc distinguish between the physical name of a file (there you can include also version numbers) and the logical name of a file which is seen by your application.
So in your case physical name is like my.dll.0301 and logical name is my.dll. You can also configure that the dll and your app is copied into the slot folder and you have everything with the right name in the folder where Boinc starts the app.
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