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Message 40064 - Posted: 8 Sep 2011, 3:48:50 UTC

Leishmaniasis is one of the most neglected tropical diseases. Each year it infects more than two million people in 97 countries. To date, there are no available vaccines to prevent the disease. Researchers at the University of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia, are running the Drug Search for Leishmaniasis project on World Community Grid to identify drug compounds that could possibly be developed into treatments for Leishmaniasis.
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Message 40511 - Posted: 2 Oct 2011, 14:57:53 UTC - in response to Message 40064.  

Few know this, but really this is a second phase, evolved from the Discovering Dengue Drugs Together, Phase 1 project at WCG, where a bolt-on 5th target was added. See http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/forums/wcg/printpost_post,225885

-- SekeRob
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Maurice Trimm

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Message 40655 - Posted: 13 Oct 2011, 5:30:00 UTC

Great!!! It is about time. That scourge has been around a long time.

Maurice Trimm
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Message 41269 - Posted: 22 Nov 2011, 10:55:49 UTC
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