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Message 40995 - Posted: 5 Nov 2011, 17:50:30 UTC

If your looking for OVERKILL, this is the rig for you......

FUJITSU "K" COMPUTER : 548,352 cores running @ 2.0 GHz
1032.192 TB RAM
Running @ 10.51 Petaflops

Sweet, eh? Yes it does exist, it is the number one supercomputer in the world today, at a cost of $1.25 billion{US}. Can you imagine running any BOINC project on it for just an hour {60 seconds @ 10.5 PFLOPS = 630 Quadrillion operations in ONE minuete} WWWWOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!

Here check it out yourself;

And believe it or not, they are upgrading it..........................
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Message 42450 - Posted: 4 Feb 2012, 10:52:19 UTC

how do you design a task for over 88K processors ? certainly something amazing, but really does it not amount to a lot of small computers interconnected ? I'm not that informed on how such computers archirtecture works.
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Message 45093 - Posted: 28 Jul 2012, 16:32:28 UTC - in response to Message 40995.  

Wouldn't it be running 548,352 Tasks at a time though, each running at 2.0GHz, considering most BOINC projects are Single Core...
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