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Message 3383 - Posted: 7 Mar 2006, 11:24:48 UTC

I have looked around seti@home site and cant find any info on this. BOINC is also complaiing about the scheduler not working but server info says it is, other projects still work has anyone got any ideas?
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Message 3403 - Posted: 9 Mar 2006, 10:03:50 UTC

Error 504 merely indicates that the client is not able to connect with the server. Seti is in the habit of updating the database every week or so, usually on a Wednesday evening (frustrating for europeans who catch up at that time of the day!) for 3 hours or so. I think you can get a 504 during this time or for a period after the server is running again and it is overwhelmed with clients (like you!) trying to catch up.
Nothing to worry about, it all gets sorted out in time (long or short) depending on how long the shutdown.
The information is there on Wiki but not the easiest to find.
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Message boards : BOINC Manager : getting error 504?

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