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Joined: 25 Apr 11
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Message 37582 - Posted: 25 Apr 2011, 12:31:43 UTC

I have a friend who is quite involved with BOINC and we're putting together another computer for him. His other systems already run the CUDA projects and he's looking to increase what this additional computer will complete in the number of units and projects in the quickest amount of time etc. I am not overly familiar with boinc but was looking for advice on which GPU set-up someone would suggest between the following:

1 x Nvidia Tesla C2070 (cost roughly $4000)


4 x Nvidia GTX 580 Liquid Cooled (cost roughly $700/ea)

This computer would only be used for boinc and not for any other tasks like gaming, email, web surfing etc. It will essentially be running boinc 24/7. Of the set-up above, which one would provide the best set-up for him to achieve what he wants to achieve? I know there may be other alternatives and so forth and costs may vary but as I said, it is just a rough estimate so you know the rough budget involved. Basically, I am hoping to get an understanding of what set-up will do the most units (could someone provide an estimate of what each would achieve?) but also be stable and so forth. Thanks.
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Message 39721 - Posted: 20 Aug 2011, 4:39:13 UTC - in response to Message 37582.  

I like this post and would love to see the ideas on the computer components to build a system like that. I'm also a computer builder and always looking into building the fastest pc for this type of science help, but I also like to play game and other stuff.
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Message 39739 - Posted: 20 Aug 2011, 20:11:02 UTC - in response to Message 37582.  
Last modified: 20 Aug 2011, 20:26:07 UTC

1 x Nvidia Tesla C2070 (cost roughly $4000)
No, No, No

4 x Nvidia GTX 580 Liquid Cooled (cost roughly $700/ea)

yes... or 3 x Nvidia GTX 590...

Liquid Cooled - Not needed; get good cards and use MSI Afterburner to control fan speed and thus temps.

ONE GTX580 would do more work than a C2070!

Three GTX590's should do slightly more than 4 GTX 580's.

You would need a very good PSU.
Better with 2 i7-2600 based systems, each with 2 GTX580's or GTX590's, than one system.

Credit depends on what project you want to crunch for.

GPUGrid does HIV, Cancer and Amyloid Docking work amongst other Bio-Scientific research. A Worth While project IMO, whatever the credits.

There you could get over 500,000 credits per day with 4 GTX580's, but exactly what would depend on configurations, apps, operating system and task type.

Ask there for advice if you are interested.
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