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Message 37296 - Posted: 27 Mar 2011, 2:08:26 UTC

I had been running bonic for a couple years but alittle over 6 months ago i had to stop for a while but i wanted to start again and i just downloaded 6.6.38 for use on my laptop but now it starts up everytime i start my laptop up and yet is not listed in the my "start up" folder or in the list of start up programs in windows defender.

It does show up in windows defender under "currently running programs" and there on the right side info window under auto start it says no. So it should not be starting up on its own and yet it does.

Couple years ago when i first downloaded bonic i had been using i think 5.10.38? and there was talk of having bonic start up as a service and maybe this is what the new version is doing?

I'm hoping someone can give me the steps to stop this, i don't want bonic loading in at start up at times when i'm not going to be using it as my laptop is afew years old now and i can't add more memory.

My specs are windows vista ultimate 64 bit OS, AMD TL-60 processor with 2GB memory. I have searched everywhere i can to try and fix this myself so i'd appreciate if someone here could help me with the steps to fix this.

I just want it to be a program installed on my computer for use when i want to start it and run it.

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Message 37298 - Posted: 27 Mar 2011, 3:46:43 UTC - in response to Message 37296.  

Open BOINC Manager
Advanced view
Advanced (in the menu bar)
Uncheck "Run Manager at login?"
Click OK.

The actual place it runs from is the registry.
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Message 37299 - Posted: 27 Mar 2011, 7:41:59 UTC - in response to Message 37296.  

...and i just downloaded 6.6.38 for use on my laptop...

I was about to ask why you downloaded an old version of BOINC, but then I saw this in my Messages tab (UTC+2):
27/03/2011 09:34:11||A new version of BOINC (6.6.38) is available for your computer
27/03/2011 09:34:11||Visit to get it.

However, the BOINC download page correctly shows the newest version (6.10.60).

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