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Mark Parker

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Message 37132 - Posted: 9 Mar 2011, 13:04:42 UTC

I am experiencing problems using Boinc and this graphics card it will run but then will display a black screen and freeze the PC meaning that I have to reset the PC. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a solution?
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Message 37133 - Posted: 9 Mar 2011, 15:03:42 UTC - in response to Message 37132.  

Are you using this card to do calculations with on Collatz, or possibly Dnetc? They're about the only two projects I can think of that may be able to use the 3650, since it's a single precision GPU and it cannot do OpenCL.

Or are you only using this card for graphics/the screen saver? In that case:
- which operating system do you use;
- which drivers are installed for this card;
-- are they installed by the operating system or did you get them from the ATI drivers page?
- In case of Windows, which DirectX version is installed?
- Have you tried any other 3D graphics on the card, like games or another (non-BOINC) Direct3D or OpenGL screen saver?
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