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Message 34765 - Posted: 20 Sep 2010, 11:56:15 UTC

Hi everybody!

I'm checking how to change an allready existing forum, like adding categories, re-arranging them and also adding sub-categories for usage in translation sections (English, German, etc. main categories and then the sets of sub-categories.

First thing I would like to know is how to change an allready created forum? Is it possible to just change the create_forums.php in the way I want to have it, use it and let the script do its magic and then the old set of categories is overridden and there is the new input? And what happens to allready posted threads inside, when I want to do that when needed after the project went live? Will those disappear or be in the same forum's "id" how matter they are called now? Right now there is the standard set and I want to change it. If this will mean that allready posted threads will be gone, that's okay at this early stage. But then how to do that without losses, too?

And then there is internationality. We would like to offer a German and at least an English branch looking like
1. German forum
1.1. News
1.2. Project
1.2.1 Number Crunching
1.2.2 Problems
1.3 Cafe

2. English forum
2.1. News
2.2. Project
2.2.1 Number Crunching
2.2.2 Problems
2.3 Cafe

Ho to do that right, because there are $catid = create_category(0, "TITLE", 0); and how to tell the the script the "level of category" and is it possible to put two of these commands back to back? Is one of these numbers the category level and if so, which one?

Thank you in advance,

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