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Message 33597 - Posted: 29 Jun 2010, 21:55:02 UTC

Myles Allen, director of Climateprediction.net, has won the 2010 Appleton Prize, which rewards distinguished research in environmental, earth or atmospheric physics.
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Message 34034 - Posted: 2 Aug 2010, 18:16:15 UTC
Last modified: 2 Aug 2010, 18:17:11 UTC

This is a great news.Congratulation!
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Message 34035 - Posted: 2 Aug 2010, 20:05:47 UTC

One of the reasons why the Climateprediction team have been able to publish so many interesting papers is that they've had a constant flow of data from members of the public who crunch their climate models. When Myles, presumably having heard of the distributed computing at Seti and Folding@Home, decided to try it to build up large ensembles of models, few people thought that home computers would generate data of sufficiently high standard. The CPDN team showed in an early publication that the data from home computers is comparable in quality to what is generated on very powerful machines. Apart, that is, from a small proportion of unstably overclocked home computers.

So this award is a vindication not only of the hard work of the Climateprediction researchers but also of the contribution of all the crunchers at home.

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Message boards : News : CPDN scientist wins award

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