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Message 33310 - Posted: 8 Jun 2010, 21:54:30 UTC


I think I understand the various settings about memory usage etc. Still at times, Boinc is only running on a few out of the 8 cores (i7 920, Win XP SP3 32b, 6GB phys RAM).

I show right now 2 tasks running, i.e. 2 cores at about 100% CPU, the others close to 0%. 981MB commit charge on 6487MB active (page file is active). I'm just typing this, so why wouldn't it run tasks on 8 cores?

Computing allowed while computer is in use.
Use at most 75% of page file (isn't using it at all, I think)
Use at most 65% memory when computer is in use (65% of what, exactly? physical, paged, available)
Use at most 80% when idle
Only after computer has been idle for 1.00 minutes (if I understand this one, it shouldn't be running any task at all?)
Boinc v6.10.18; BoincTasks v0.56

Result: not many credits today, because Boinc is lazy. Hey, it's a weekday, and it's not even sunny here!

An idea of what I should check?
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Message 33471 - Posted: 20 Jun 2010, 23:44:44 UTC - in response to Message 33310.  

I had a similar issue that went away when I updated to the latest boinc.

Basically, I had a mix of projects on the server (wgc, rosetta, aqua), and I caught it with idle cores from time to time even though that there was plenty of work that was marked 'ready to start'.
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