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Message 32737 - Posted: 11 May 2010, 22:46:06 UTC

Rom Walton wrote:
A number of people have reported that the CC starts failing to assign work to GPUs after a period of time.

Evidence of this can be found in your log file. For Nvidia GPUs it looks like:

[coproc] cuCtxCreate(0) returned 999

I'm not sure what is logged for an ATI GPU.

For those experiencing the issue, could you email me:

What OS are you using?

Number of GPUs?

What GPU driver version?

What GPU model version?

Amount of RAM for the computer?

Amount of RAM for the GPU?

Thanks in advance.

----- Rom

Email Rom at this address.
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Kevin Feathers

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Message 33736 - Posted: 11 Jul 2010, 10:40:02 UTC - in response to Message 32737.  

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
# of GPUs: 2x GPU running in XFire
GPU Driver: Catalyst 10.5
GPU Model: 2x ATI HD5870
System RAM: 6GB 1800MHz Patriot
GPU RAM: 1024MB x 2

I have this issue also where not only do the GPU's appear to stop working, but the system becomes unresponsive however I believe the CPU is still crunching away becayse the HDD light is flashing like it does normally when only BOINC Projects are active in Task Manager.

The problem was far worse when Rosetta was active, I have no had to stop any more work units coming through and stability has increased markedly, but the GPU turning off still happens now and then which is a shame, because Eisntein ends up with computation errors if I have to cut the power.

It might be an idea to list the projects people are working on and the staus of those projects in regards to if they are active or not. I will list mine now:

ABC@Home: Won't get new tasks
rosetta@Home: Won't get new tasks
Collatz Conjecture Won't get new tasks
uFluids@Home: Won't get new tasks

Tell me how to get the logs, and I will email them to you as I have the ATI cards and I have the very same issue as you mate.
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