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Message 32438 - Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 15:24:10 UTC
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I have a number of different computers currently active on several different BOINC projects.
However, I seem to have multiple cross project ID's:

They all use the same username and password but may have been added to projects at different times/different computers.
Is there any way I can merge all these so my cross project stats will all be together? Do I need to run all of the projects for a short time on the same computer?

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Message 32439 - Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 16:20:45 UTC - in response to Message 32438.  

As this is quite often a problem, there's a whole area in BOINCstats forum dedicated to CPID splits.

You can as well read the FAQ there first:
Why do I have duplicate/split accounts in the BOINC combined stats?

The cause of this is the CPID, Cross Project IDentifier. Every project assigns a new user a CPID. It is partly based on the email address you used to sign up, the other part is random.
The CPID is used by BOINCstats to identify a user across projects.
Whenever you sign up with a new project, you'll get a new account on BOINCstats because the CPID is new.

What to do to make sure you'll end up with one BOINCstats account:

* Use the exact same email address for every project.
* Run at least one system with all projects, or one system with project A and B, and one system with project B and C. If there is a project that runs isolated from the other projects, its CPID with never line up.

When you join a new project, this project assigns you a new CPID. This CPID can either change to the same CPID as the other projects, or the other projects change (one by one) to the new CPID.

It is impossible for me to manually edit your accounts to create one account. It would take to much time too do this for everyone. Just wait a while, and your accounts will line up automatically.

One last thing, which is not too important, but nice for the stats: use the same username across projects, otherwise you get a username like 'Al Bundy @ SAH / Al Bundy @ Predictor / A. Bundy @ CPDN'.

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For questions about Boinc look in the BOINC-Wiki
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