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Charlie Fenton
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Message 31842 - Posted: 29 Mar 2010, 22:34:55 UTC
Last modified: 29 Mar 2010, 22:41:40 UTC

Mac users, if you upgrade to OS 10.6.3, 2 issues may arise:

  • The upgrade may delete your login item for BOINC Manager. If this happens, BOINC will not launch automatically when you log in or restart your Mac. Just run the BOINC installer again to fix this.
  • If you are running CUDA tasks, you must upgrade to version 3.0 of the CUDA drivers, which you can download here.

Charlie Fenton
BOINC / SETI@home Macintosh & Windows Programmer
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Message boards : News : Support for Mac OS 10.6.3

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