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Gordon Stewart

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Joined: 24 May 09
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New Zealand
Message 28309 - Posted: 25 Oct 2009, 4:14:41 UTC


I have logged on, & see the stats for my computers.

I've recently (yesterday) added my 2nd computer to BOINC - VERY fast...

anyway, it seems to complete 3 BOINC-SETI files every 2 hours..

I've been online & see the stats PER woirk unit & my total credits.

However, I'm wondering - Is / are there any "simple" stats, EG :- you have done XX number of units today, XX number yesterday, XX number in last 7 days, month etc...

An easy reference so I can compare from 1 computer to the other,,

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Michael Noble

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Joined: 8 Mar 10
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United States
Message 31405 - Posted: 8 Mar 2010, 1:53:11 UTC - in response to Message 28309.  

I've been looking for the same thing - It does not appear to exist (or I may have not found it yet).

Just to have this data available for comparison would be nice.
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Message boards : Web interfaces : 'simple' BOINC stats (SETI)

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