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Message 27906 - Posted: 12 Oct 2009, 11:21:44 UTC

We are looking for a platform supporting dynamic application executables.

Our plain is to have one static executable file which is the standard application executable (in Windows format) of the project.

The dynamic executable files are stored as input data. When the standard application executable downloads the input data file, it stores the input data in a binary file and then invokes it by using the C++ "System" API.

However, the standard application executable always got a segmentation fault on Windows when it invokes another executable file. Our problem is that is it possible to invoke dynamic executable files from a project executable?

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Message 28007 - Posted: 14 Oct 2009, 15:56:23 UTC - in response to Message 27906.  

That is a terrible idea for security. Application files have a cryptographic signature, input files don't.
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