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Dick Bagby

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Message 27584 - Posted: 25 Sep 2009, 21:17:32 UTC

If BOINC wants more participation they should run the site like SETI used to. SETI used to send me emails thanking me for different levels of participation. They used to send emails inviting me to visit the SETI website to get the latest on what was happening. Now I get NOTHING. No thanks, no nothing.
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Message 27587 - Posted: 26 Sep 2009, 0:19:31 UTC - in response to Message 27584.  

I will forward your post to the BOINC developers anyway, even while the sending of emails is really a thing the projects you are attached to should do.

While you can set the option if you want to receive emails from the project, per project, I agree that not many projects send out (progress) reports or other things other than Seti sending their mass emails trying to get people who left back to their cause (and then running out of work).

The problem that projects face on sending these mass-emails is mostly because it can be considered as SPAM.
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Message boards : Promotion : BOINC wants more participation

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