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David Black

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Message 26073 - Posted: 17 Jul 2009, 18:22:46 UTC

Of course, I also want to retain all of the credits that I have accumulated over the past few years and combine them into a single credit for the new team. I would also like to retain the statistics (amount of credits) for each of the individual projects and therefore be able to show what projects the team is involved with.
I have not formed teams for all the projects that I am involved in. Some projects have no obvious place to form teams.
Most of the teams that I have created have been named either "'Project': Great White North" or "Great White North: 'Project'" The reason for the Great White North in the team name is because I live in Canada (the 'Great White North' - lame Canadian joke) anad am a Canadian citizen. I had hoped to lure other Canadians to the teams with the 'Great White North' phrase, however that didn't work at all well.
However, I now have a few new computers and am willing to try the Team-Building exercise once again.
This time, I am very serious about attracting team members, I'm just not sure how to do that.
Can anyone help on the combining teams issue and can anyone assist me on attracting teammates?
I am considering what to do about the 'Great White North' team-name element, especially since I do not limit membership in the team(s) to Canadians nor to any particular type of individual or organization. The only criteria for team membership is that you should be interested in making some contribution to science, that you not have the resources of some huge university or company (small and medium sized universities, colleges, schools, companies, societies, clubs (social, dance, play-reading, acting, games - e.g. crosswords, cards, puzzles, video-gamers - cooking, movie-going, singing, bands, choirs, ... just about any type of group is most welcome. The more computers your group has - whether old, rather slow or new and very fast - hey! Please, join-up, once I get an all-in-one BOINC-wide team.
I hope someone can help me with my quest. I did read a bit on building BOINC-wide teams, however, what I read didn't seem to address my problem, nor was it clear how to retain already accumulated credits or to maintain the amounts of credit earned to date in each of the various projects.

Now, there is another bit of an issue - nothing insurmountable, just requiring a bit of grunt-work and some guessing. Over the years that I have been BOINCing, I have had a whole slew (a lot, that is) of computers, many of which no longer in existence. So, I will have to check around to see which projects still have records for me and any of the teams which I formed all those years ago.

David Black
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Message 26108 - Posted: 19 Jul 2009, 5:36:17 UTC
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First i will just clarify a few things for you!

1. The ONLY thing that links 2 teams together on 2 different projects is the team name being spelled identically! Remember that! So you need to visit the projects you have teams on and change all the team names so they are identical. The spelling is case sensitive, so watch your capital letters in spelling the name.

You cannot have "Great White SETI" on the SETI@home project and "Great White Einstein" on the Einstein@home project if you want the stats for the boinc-wide team to line up! You must pick one name that can be used on all projects.

My personal opinion is that you should add your country name to your team name if you want people from Canada to find it. My suggestion is; "Canada - Great White North" spelled exactly like that on every project!

2. You can start a new team on any project! add this after the main project url; team_create_form.php
Example; http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/team_create_form.php

3. Once you change your team name on all the projects so its identical, it will take several days for all the stats websites to see this. Give it at least a week before you see them line up.

4. Worth noting that you should always use the same user name and email address on all the projects. This will help the stats sites to line up your accounts.

5. Nothing will happen to yours or your teams credit, they will stay exactly the same.

6. You will get people to join your team if you promote your team on the projects and especially if you promote your team on other websites!. This is very hard work, its up to you!

7. Running a team, maintaining it and promoting it is hugh work if you want it to be successful. You could skip all the hassel involved in it and help team Canada instead; http://teamcanada.freeforums.org/. Team Canada is a really great bunch of guys and they could do with all the help they can get. Its the largest team in Canada and about the 12th largest in the world.


Use this list of projects to help you; http://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/Project_list

You could also read these to help you;

And lots more info here;

Good luck!

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