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Message 24329 - Posted: 16 Apr 2009, 20:35:05 UTC

I think it would be a catalyst of interest if more statistics of accomplishment were displayed on the client itself.
A few ideas,
- Host total days associated w/ project.
- Host hours to credit ratio
- Comparison of output referenced to a equivalent computer running 100% of the time
- Credit counter right in client toolbar

I personally like the details, but sometimes I really don't like hunting for them through the browser. I feel in order to promote the program, it should be made more explicit to the average user what they are accomplishing and so on...
If they don't hunt for the results they never see them and then never give a hoot...
The team I am on has recruited alot of local neighbors, and I can't help but wonder if they saw more stats in there face, they might get more involved competitivley, maybe even telling third parties not associated with admin of original team.
But if the results are obscure( just my opinion ) then how are they gonna catch the boinc bug?

Also it would be nice to be my own team and join the team I am on as a child team to the parent team??
I have a couple of pc's, but it would be nice to have more control over my end of things, instead of being a just another number in statistics. The more I can feel individualy glorified ( whether I deserve it or not ) the more I will want to get involved right away. =) Also it sounds corny but something like rank, or medals, or achievments within your own team, like little icons on your client toolbar representing items such as,
-team time( 1 month, 6month, 1 year...)
-credit ranking( give amusing titles, boinc peon, boinc master, boinc megaFLOPer... )
-continuous work icon( 24hr, 168hr, 720 hr... )
I never really compare myself to other teams but am always watching the peers of my team, and in my opinion those kind of things could instigate competitiveness within a team.

Basically I know I make a difference, and am a team player, but think of the person you just recruited onto your team, they see the program running, they see things getting accomplished, but it is using resources, and it's not RIGHT in there face what statistical difference they are making and might never take more interest or just lose interest...

I know lots of statistics info is available through the net, alot of people with powerful computers sitting there wasting space don't know how to navigate the web well.

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Message boards : Promotion : More statistic tracking...

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