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Message 23120 - Posted: 15 Feb 2009, 3:37:25 UTC
Last modified: 15 Feb 2009, 4:04:05 UTC

I got tired of running the "merge-by-name" project script on each of 14 projects whenever I "lost" a HostID. If you ever replaced an OS, did a major upgrade or renamed a system you know that your credit count started over.

Anyay, I put together a Perl script that runs on both Windows and Linux and automates the merge by visiting each site I was registered at and running the merge php script for me. If you need something like this you can download it here.

Part of the readme follows:

Purpose of this program ( and automates the recover of "lost" or "misapplied"
credits by visiting each project you have signed up for
and requesting that a merge be performed.  Normally one
must manually log onto each project and run the same
merge, once for each project.  Using this tool automates
this process. 

   What a merge is if you dont know.

Quoting from seti: "This operation merges computers
based on their domain name. For each domain name, it
will merge all older computers having that name with
the newest computer having that name.  Incompatible
computers will not be merged."
If you renamed a system, reinstall an OS, did a major
upgrade or simply screwed something up, there is a
chance that your system may have been given a new HostID
and the credits were reset to 0 as the project(s)
thought you had a new system.  The project merge-by-name
tool fixes this screwup by adding these old credit to your
new computer and deleting the old system.  Note that there
is no net increase of credits, they are just reapplied to
the newer or correctly named system.

   What the program does

The perl script "" logs into a specified first
site and records all the projects you are signed up for.
It does an automatic logon to each project, moves to the
the merge web page, and runs the merge command. Note that
all projects must have the same username and password.


You must edit the file "" and put your username
and password into it.  Also, you must select an initial
site that will be used to search for your projects.
Any site you are registered with from the BOINC signup
page will suffice except for the Climate Predictor site
which is actually ""

This program was built on Vista-64 using ActivePerl: 32BIT which was downloaded from here:

It was tested on Vista-64 and Ubuntu 8.04 and was able
to correctly merge my 14 projects.

There were 14 projects merged! merged! merged! merged! merged! merged! merged! merged! merged! merged! merged! merged! merged! merged!

Error Messages: If a project is not online there will be a
30 second timeout and the message "login failed" will appear.
You must escape the @ in your email login with a backslash
ie:  "username\" or an error will show up.

I am only active in the above 14 projects and have not tested
this script on any others. I did find that the Climate Predictor
web site does not have a "boinc standard" path to the user
account page.  That page is
and I test for that project to fix this problem.
If there are any projects that this fails on please notify me.
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Message boards : Web interfaces : tools for automating merge-by-name and logon

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