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Morten Ross

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Message 22759 - Posted: 29 Jan 2009, 17:49:40 UTC

Windows Vista x64 - there is no update in the BOINC GUI in any of the folders. Only way to see progression and status is to look at the logs.

The "Disk" folder only contains 100% black pie charts.

As for "Messages" only the messages from the startup of the GUI is displayed ("restarting task xxx" and "Reporting x completed tasks...")

Browsing "Tasks" will only display blanks/placeholders for S@H WUs, but will display all AP WUs..

If I uninstall and install 64-bit BOINC, the x64 GUI will simply crash alltogether - as it did in version 6.6.2.

>From stdoutgui.txt:
[01/29/09 00:09:29] TRACE [4464]: RPC_CLIENT::init connect 2: Winsock error '10061'
[01/29/09 00:09:29] TRACE [4464]: RPC_CLIENT::init connect on 672 returned -1
[01/29/09 00:09:30] TRACE [4464]: init_asynch() boinc_socket: 676
[01/29/09 00:09:30] TRACE [4464]: init_asynch() connect: -1
\\RebootPending.txt' (error 2: the system cannot find the file specified.)

Windows Vista x64 - 6.6.3 will crash when selecting "Tasks" folder on Windows Vista x64 - it terminates with the following info:
Faulting application boincmgr.exe, version, time stamp 0x497f733c, faulting module MSVCP80.dll, version 8.0.50727.762, time stamp 0x45711f83, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x0000000000002c80, process id 0xc10, application start time 0x01c981a74a42994b.

This is identical error to version 6.6.2

Windows Vista x64 - the Cuda app (6.08) will use 100% cpu after running several WUs successfuly. Then at the time of starting a new WU and in the feeding-to-the-gpu-process it will not progress beyond 0,000%-0,050% and will consume 100% until boincmgr.exe is closed and all the apps are gone from the Windows tasklist. Then, when boincmgr.exe is restarted, the same "hung" WU will now be properly processed and receive credit. Problem in the CPU-to-GPU handling, and perhaps also memory leak/corruption in GPU. Same GPU has been used for GPUGrid for many weeks without one problem, so it's a S@H issue

Morten Ross
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Message 22775 - Posted: 30 Jan 2009, 9:22:10 UTC

Can't confirm anything of this errors. The progression and status looks fine on my 3 Vista 64 boxes, same as on my 9 XP 32 boxes. The disk folder shows all graphics correct. We have only one member in our team that told, that on a PC with 512 MB memory the background is sometime not redraw on switching back to Tasks, Projects, etc.

SETI@Home tasks are also shown correct.

Installing, deinstalling and reinstalling shows no problem on my Vista 64 boxes.

The Tasks folder is my preferred folder and I never had a crash with the 6.6.3.

The CUDA app 6.62 from GPUGrid is using less CPU then the Linux app 6.59, this is the first time, that Windows use less CPU power then Linux. A GTX280 need only 4 to 5% of one CPU core on a Phenom 9950 BE (2.6 GHz). A GTX260²/GTX260+ needs 2 to 3% of a core on a Phenom II 940 (3.0 GHz). A 8800GT need also 2 to 3% of a core on a Phenom 9850 BE. On Linux 64 bit the app 6.59 needs up to 7% of a core on a Intel Q9550 (3.2 GHz).
There is anywhere one bug more ...
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