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Message 22409 - Posted: 13 Jan 2009, 15:48:12 UTC

Can I use the API board for an RPC query? If not, please move to a more appropriate place.

I've just started using the CUDA features in BOINC v6.4.5 for SETI Beta testing.

When I was using a third-party build with an app_info.xml file, BoincView converged under DCF control to showing reasonably accurate wall-time estimates - around 25 minutes on my rig. The BoincView display matched the local BOINCManager display.

I have now switched to using the latest v6.07 Beta, under automatic project download control (no app_info.xml). BoincView is still showing a roughly accurate estimate of the remaining 'to completion' time for tasks that are running, but for cached tasks that are ready to start, BoincView is showing an estimate of 8 hours 38 minutes (total work buffer for the poject over 35 days), instead of the 22 minutes 34 seconds currently shown by BOINC Manager. Can anyone explain this roughly 23::1 discrepancy? TDCF for the project is currently 0.964897 and stable, according to both the project website and BoincView.

NB I've written this note with reference to BoincView, but that's just because it happens to be my RPC viewer of choice: in all other respects, BoincView is displaying credible information. It is only the 'Ready to start' estimate for work without an app_info.xml which is ludicrous, which is why I suspect an RPC response bug. It would be helpful if somebody could cross-check this observation with an alternative RPC viewer, or suggest one (for Windows) I can test myself.
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Message boards : API : 'Time to completion' in BoincView for CUDA

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