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Message 21168 - Posted: 8 Nov 2008, 15:05:26 UTC

i checked out the boinc and want to build some application on the windows platform. but when i comile win_build with vc++2005. the BOINCBaseView.cpp file seems have some problem.

there are several hundred of lines look like this:

strEncodedHtml.Replace(wxT("?), wxT("Š"), true);
strEncodedHtml.Replace(wxT("?), wxT("Œ"), true);
strEncodedHtml.Replace(wxT("?), wxT("‘"), true);

seems that there is a " missed behind the wxT"?) and i compared with the file form the web-based interface, i find the content in " " changed form some thing like Æ to ? and " missed. is this the problem of the check out application or the problem of the system?
i use TortoiseSVN for checking out and my system is windows XP. can any one help me? thanks very much!
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Message boards : API : does check out have some problem?

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