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Message 19970 - Posted: 4 Sep 2008, 15:59:13 UTC
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Derrick Kondo wrote:

The BOINC tutorials and workshop (to be held September 10-12) can be viewed live as a webcast.

Using vlc (tested on windows, mac, linux): vlc mmsh://
Using windows media player: mms://

Between each speaker, we will stop the camera and upload the corresponding avi file to this location:
(The avi files will be stored there for later viewing.)

Thus, the stream will be cut between each speaker and people will have to poll the stream until it can be reopened.
Many thanks to Arnaud Legrand for making this possible.

For the latest BOINC workshop info, visit:


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Message boards : Documentation : BOINC Workshop '08 available as webcast

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